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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Second Saturday State of Your Studio Blog Tour

Wow. It's already the second saturday in April?? Check out the Beads of Clay Second Saturday State of Your Studio to get into the studios and into the minds of some pretty creative people. The state of my studio is kind of like the state of my mind right now. Kind of chaotic. Everything halfway done. Half assed is one of my favorite terms, sorry. I'm moving my studio AGAIN. Long story. On the up side, moving really forces you to pare down, throw out, LOOK at what you have and what you need.

I like change. I've always been pretty open to change. I think I must have some Bohemian in my background somewhere. I love it when the weather changes. I love watching little children learn and grow and change. That saddens some people to see their little ones grow but I think it's fascinating. I actually like moving. It's an opportunity to redecorate, rearrange, repurpose. Still some changes are very very difficult but it really helps to think of them as part of a whole Circle of Life kind of thing. Everything has a reason, a purpose. I didn't know where this post was going when I started it. Now I do. Kind of random. But hey, like I said, that's kind of the way my mind is right now.

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  1. Half-assed...I like it! And I can completely relate, too! :)