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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Earth Mother

I don't often name my jewelry. But every once in a while one of the pieces just says, "Hello, my name is .......". I was working on this piece after being inspired by some beads I received from Star Girl Jewelry in a Holiday Bead Swap. I had the little two sided clay face charm that I had made for a challenge piece I did a while back. I removed the charm from that necklace because I actually liked that piece better without the charm. But I digress. This necklace is for a very special person who happens to have a special birthday coming up. She has two precious boys so the two little faces were perfect. Thus the "Mother" part of the name. 

When I put the charm on the copper chain, it looked lonely. As I said, I had received some copper hammered leaves and beads and that fabulous orange glass ring in the bead swap. I rarely work with orange so I love these swaps for that reason. It encourages me to work with materials and colors I wouldn't normally work with. Anyway, when I added the circle I first thought of the sun, but then when I added my orange clay bead on the other side, it became the sun and the the ring became the earth with the copper leaf. And that's when she spoke and said, "I am Earth Mother". The colors are earthy and warm, just like the recipient of this piece.

Thanks, Marianna Boylan of Star Girl Jewelry for the inspiration and to Lori Anderson for organizing the swap. I'll let you know how she likes it.

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