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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday

It's Bead Table Wednesday. On my bead table are two necklaces I put together in honor of Spring. I had a little box of beads from Mary Harding that I received in a swap quite a while back. That little box has been sitting in my swap drawer. I have always been mesmerized by the color combo and knew I wanted to use them together. I got this Wildflower Heart Pendant from Mary and a colorful assortment of beads. Red, bright apple green, a yummy little dark lavendar bead, and the prettiest blue beads, all Mary's ceramic beads. I know I've looked at that box about 700 times literally but then one day I look at it again, and a design is born. I think it was those little orange glass bows that I picked up somewhere that perfectly matched the color of the wildflowers in Mary's pendant that brought the whole color scheme together for me. Plus I had some green silk ribbon with unfinished edges that went so well with the green beads. I added my pink ceramic beads and some copper findings and I absolutely love this necklace. I'm wearing it today to a March Birthday Lunch with my pottery group with a lavendar cardigan. Gorgeous. Thanks Mary!!

I was still in the Spring mood and I put this bright little number together. It's lovely too. I might have to deal with all the threads in my unfinished edge silk ribbon, though.  I like the look but not sure everyone else will.

Happy Beading. Happy Spring.


  1. I love those designs! The beads in the 2nd necklace remind me of pods ready to break forth. Love it!

  2. AWESOME! And I love Mary Harding's work.

  3. The use of ceramic creations has really added to the beauty of the piece.The pieces are truly very innovative and beautiful.